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Resy powers the world’s best restaurants,
using technology to imagine the future of hospitality.

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ResyOS is a complete restaurant reservations and waitlist system, including table
management, ticketing, web and app booking, CRM, POS integration and more.

Improve profitability

Use Resy Fly, the most advanced table management system in the world, and combine it with our business intelligence portal to get 360º visibility on your performance.

Built by restaurants

Every feature we build is developed in partnership with our restaurants. We are imagining the future together.

Hospitality from search to seat

Guests expect hospitality to start long before they walk in the door. Now it does.

Own your customers

Our best-in-class CRM comes standard, so you’ll know more of your guests, and know them better. We combine a cloud-based central guest database with POS connectivity for real-time data like live checks and total spend.

Fair pricing

Resy will never charge you per cover, so you don’t get penalized for being successful.

Omni-channel marketing

Get Demand when you need it, where you want it.

Starting at $249 per month.

No cover charges or surprises, and backed by the industry’s best support team.

Plans & Pricing


Resy Fly

Resy Fly is an adaptive optimization engine for your dining room, designed to get you the most covers out of every shift. It allows you to customize inputs and learns over time. Control everything, some things, or just leave it all to Fly.

Maximize your throughput

Resy Fly knows your tables, turns, pacing and shifts, and can maximize your turns with each reservation.

Actually flexible

Fly allows you to combine scheduling strategies, so you can use slots at the chef’s counter and a flexible system at the bar. It’s controllable per table, per shift.

You’re in control

We’ve heard you! Create and manage your schedules, shifts, availability and more all from the new ResyOS online Dashboard.

Technology that drives hospitality

Inventory, dining room, and CRM data are always live, and accessible to anyone in your organization with an iOS device and a login.

  • Know your guests
    Know your guests

    Guest notes and preferences are shared across all your restaurants by any user on as many devices as you'd like. Via the Resy app, every customer writes their own bio, provides birthday and indicates allergies and dietary restrictions — so you never have to ask.

  • 2-way SMS confirmation & reminder
    2-way SMS confirmation & reminder

    Guests can confirm and cancel via text and even tell you they’re running late. This keeps no-shows to a minimum. 77% of reservations are confirmed or cancelled just with a text.

  • Notify automated waitlist
    Notify automated waitlist

    Fill cancellations automatically, while growing your guestbook. Notify tells you not only how in-demand you are, but also which guests want a spot.

  • Ticketing with PCI compliant
 credit card handling
    Ticketing with PCI compliant
 credit card handling

    With ResyOS, ticketing and reservations are handled by the same platform. No more transferring names and payment info back and forth.

Profile watch
  • Custom table & reservation types
    Custom table & reservation types

    Not every table is created equal, set customized templates for Dining Room, Patio and Bar Seats, or reserve slots for your Prix Fixe Tasting Menu or Wine Event. Fully transparent to your guests, you can also attach custom notes for more context.

  • Trackable web-based booking
    Trackable web-based booking

    Drop the Resy widget code into your website once and we’ll handle the rest — all days, events and promotions are powered from the same place.

    Know the exact source of every guest, whether they book through your website, an email blast or marketing partner.

  • VIP channels & alerts
    VIP channels & alerts

    Reward your best customers with exclusive access to tables, and priority Notify positioning.

  • Reporting insights
    Reporting insights

    Our new Business Intelligence home page gives you at-a-glance information across all important KPIs that you look at every day, from cover trends to ratings.

    And we’re layering in important third-party sources, like ratings and reviews from platforms like Facebook, and TripAdvisor, and POS detail, down to the exact dishes ordered by each party.

Resy’s Demand Network

Dining discovery is not just about one platform today — restaurant-obsessed guests use many channels to discover and connect with restaurants, often on their smartphone.

That’s why we’ve worked closely with Instagram, Airbnb, Google, Facebook and our international partners to seamlessly integrate Resy restaurant booking directly into their platforms.

More platforms, more covers. Simple.



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testimonials quote

USHG is continuously on the lookout for technologies that bridge the worlds of high tech and high touch. When we opened the new Union Square Cafe we opted to road test Resy and we’ve loved seeing the overwhelmingly positive reaction from our staff members and guests alike.”

Danny Meyer
Odd duck
testimonials quote

Resy has taken the reservation systems of the past and flipped them on their heads. To find a platform that is able to operated at such a high level and still be service-focused has been key. We have been able to secure more covers, drive demand, and do all this at a fraction of the cost [of what we previously were paying]. We took a risk on Resy and have not looked back.”

Jason James 
Partner and GM,
Odd Duck
 The ordinary
testimonials quote

We are extremely happy with the move to Resy. The guest feedback has been excellent, and the efficiency, cost and function of the platform is perfect for our needs.”

Adam Nemirow
Partner and Co-Owner,

FIG & The Ordinary

Resy helps the best restaurants be their best

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Business Intelligence and Actionable Insights

360º visibility into how your business is trending, how service staff is performing and most importantly, visibility into what your customer really thinks about your business.

Business Intelligence and Actionable Insights
  • Real-time POS data
    Real-time POS data

    Through partnerships with products like Breadcrumb by Upserve, we aggregate all of your transaction and performance data on one place, to help identify issues and solve problems faster.

    For the first time, connect item-level POS data with your guests’ profiles. Track preferences and real-time trends to serve your guests better.

  • Resy Surveys
    Resy Surveys

    Solicit private, 100% customizable feedback with the first-ever, reservation-integrated, dynamic survey product. Imagine customer feedback that’s not only tied to a guest name, but also to their wait time, their table number, their server, their check.

    Resy Surveys builds a direct connection with guests at scale, and collects meaningful, useful, and actionable feedback.

  • ResyPay

    A hospitality-first payment system, 100% compatible with your existing payment workflows. Guests can view, pay and split a check in one tap.

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