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How Resy Restaurants are Navigating COVID-19

The restaurant industry has transformed completely in a matter of days. In the absence of crowded dining rooms, eateries across the country and world have been testing creative ways to continue doing business. We at Resy have been inspired and humbled by the many innovative ways our restaurant partners are serving their customers outside of the dining room. From cocktail delivery to virtual tastings, below is a small sample of tactics you can draw inspiration from to generate revenue at your restaurant in a socially-distanced world.

Selling Raw Materials 

While countless restaurants across the country are pivoting to take out and delivery, some are taking the model a step further and selling their inventory or DIY meal kits for customers to put together at home, providing both nourishment and an activity for restless diners. 

  • Halls Chophouse - multiple locations in South Carolina
    • In addition to offering takeout meals at their four locations, Halls is also selling dry aged steaks from their supplier Allen Brothers direct to diners who want to create their own steakhouse sizzle at home. 
  • The Good Fork - Brooklyn, New York 
    • Korean Chef Sohui Kim is putting together prepared family meal packages to go, but also selling quarts of homemade kimchi and frozen pork dumplings to add on to any order.
  • Dialogue - Los Angeles
    • The team at Dialogue doesn’t want coronavirus to get in the way of a fine dining meal, so they’ve assembled packages of ingredients along with instructions and garnishes like edible flowers to allow diners to plate their own meals like the pros.

Dialogue Los Angeles - Start With This
     Dialogue Los Angeles - End With This

(DYOB) Delivering Your Own Bottle

Many cities have relaxed restrictions on alcohol takeout and delivery, allowing restaurants and bars to create large batched cocktails and generate revenue from the higher margins on beer and wine.

  • The Four Horsemen - Brooklyn, New York 
    • Known for their diverse natural wine list, The Four Horsemen is selling their bottles directly to consumers at a discount. They’re also offering bottles of batched cocktails including shelf-stable margaritas, negronis, and dirty martinis in either single serving or reusable one liter containers.
  • The Table - Tacoma, Washington
    • Specializing in cuisine and wines from the Pacific Northwest, The Table is temporarily turning their restaurant into a wine store and hosting a pop-up shop to offer their expansive selection to local diners.
  • Tiger Fork - Washington, DC 
    • This Chinese bistro is making drinking at home even more fun by packaging their drinks in juice boxes, including their Traditional Chinese Medicine cocktails which use ingredients from Eastern medicine to detoxify and boost immunity.

Tiger Fork Washington, DC

Taking Care of the Community 

With many people in the hospitality industry and beyond out of a job due to COVID-19, restaurants are stepping in to provide food for their communities and promoting special offers to help make a difference.

  • Mediterranean Exploration Company - Portland, Oregon
    • The team at Mediterranean Exploration Company is offering both a la carte items and packaged family meals on a sliding pay scale, so anyone in the community can pick up a meal regardless of the financial burden they’re facing. 
  • Bad Hunter - Chicago 
    • In addition to selling wine at a reduced price and offering delivery and takeout, this vegetable-forward restaurant opened up their pantry to their staff, and is even providing pet food for team members to bring home to their furry loved ones.
  • Bessou - New York City
    • Seeing a need to feed children who are out of school and lacking in the daily meals provided by a school cafeteria, Bessou’s “Eat a meal, Share a meal” program donates one meal to a child in need with each takeout or delivery meal purchased on their site.

Bessou New York - Eat a Meal Share a Meal

Are you finding new ways to reach diners in your city? Tell us about it in the comments section below. You can also stay informed on COVID-19 developments on the Resy COVID-19 Help Center

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