Global Restaurant Network

  • Our mission is to connect the world’s best guests with the world’s best restaurants at digital scale.
  • To accomplish this, we are partnering with the leading restaurant supply and demand companies around the globe.
  • On the supply side, we are integrating with international Restaurant Booking Partners to aggregate the best global restaurant reservation inventory.
  • We are then delivering this premium inventory to the best diners in the world: American Express cardmembers, Resy users, and a growing number of top-flight distribution platforms.

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One size does not fit all - reach out to the Amex GRN team to see how we can build a partnership.

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Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Restaurant Booking Partners
  • Must have a native operating system that at least 100 restaurants are using
  • Must have full restaurant availability on your platform (i.e. not discounted tables only)
  • Must be willing to build to our standard GRN API spec (3-4 weeks for one developer)
Distribution Partners
  • Must have at least 50,000 users
  • Must have a minimum of 100,000 unique monthly page views, with at least 50,000 of these coming from restaurant content

How does it work?


Distribution Partner Pricing

Education Access

Perfect for students, teachers, and researchers looking to integrate to the Resy booking API to complete a project
  • Access Resy’s booking API, in our testing environment, for educational purposes

  • Free access to Resy core API in our testing environment

  • FREE

Walk-in Access

Perfect for start-ups and enterprises with the singular use case of driving reservations via the Resy widget
  • Leverage Resy’s out-of-the-box widget, used by 5,000 restaurants worldwide

  • Gain full access to the Resy widget API

  • Potential to earn affiliate commissions

  • $250 initial set up, $0 monthly fee

Reservation Access

Perfect for late-stage start-ups with substantial userbases and advanced use cases
  • Control your own native booking experience

  • Full access to the Resy core API

  • Native booking experiences

  • Discovery platforms

  • Implementation support (5 hours included)

  • Potential to earn affiliate commissions

  • $5,000 one-time integration fee, $100 monthly fee 

VIP Access

Perfect for concierges and partners that want to control the entire user experience
  • White-labeled access to the world’s best restaurants

  • Own users and transactional communications

  • Client engineer support (10 hours included)

  • Renowned venue content provided by Resy

  • Potential to earn affiliate commissions

  • Inquire for pricing
  Education Access testing environment only Walk-in Access Reservation Access VIP Access
Embeddable Resy Widget
Affiliate model
Native Booking Experience
Discovery Platform
Potential to earn affiliate commissions
Implementation support +$75/hour +$75/hour 5 hours included +$75/hour
Client engineer support +$125/hour +$125/hour 10 hours included +$125/hour
White-labeled booking experience
Resy’s venue content
Partner can send transactional messages
Partner owns users