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The Resy Team
Posted by  The Resy Team  on Apr 30, 2020 3:14:18 PM


Over the coming weeks and months, and days in some places, we will begin the process of rebooting the hospitality industry. I am an optimist and lover of restaurants, so there is excitement in these words as I type them. Yet, we know the road back will be long and where we ultimately wind up is somewhat uncertain. You will have our support throughout the process.

I want to share details about three steps we have taken to back the industry and partner with restaurants in ways that we believe are both meaningful and timely. 

1. We will be providing 100% relief on all Resy fees and billing through December 31, 2020.

This will apply to both existing and new restaurant partners. We hope other providers of technology and services will follow our lead, and we call on them to do the same.


2. We are introducing features designed to help you thrive in a post-Covid world.

As restaurants do reopen, they will operate differently. Safety and security will replace hustle and bustle, and the hospitality business model will evolve. We are introducing new features designed to address this new normal. The first two are Mobile Waitlist, which will allow guests to join your restaurant’s waitlist from their mobile phone, thus preventing host stand and bar area crowding; and an Automated Capacity Monitor that takes the guesswork out of adhering to occupancy regulations. The third, Resy At Home, recognizes that a dining room is not the only way to experience a restaurant.

Mobile Waitlist: This feature extends your waitlist beyond the host stand and allows any guest to add their name to your waitlist from their mobile device. You can then message that guest via SMS to let them know you are ready to welcome them in. This feature will be an important lever for crowd control, pacing, and delivery of safe hospitality.

Automated Capacity Monitor: This feature allows you to set a capacity limit — 50%, say — and monitors your dining room to ensure you don’t exceed it. As you approach the limit you will receive alerts. When you have reached the limit, ResyOS will automatically disable online reservations and, if desired, your mobile waitlist.

Resy At Home: We also understand that the form factor of the restaurant is itself changing, and revenue streams like pickup are becoming more important. Takeout ordering and contactless pickup functionality will soon be fully integrated into your existing Resy booking widget. You can set up these meals in the Resy Dashboard.

These features will be shipping in May, beginning with Mobile Waitlist on May 13. Additional updates and features will follow thereafter.


3. We have created a playbook to help take the guesswork out of reopening. 

In a recent survey we conducted, 52% of guests said they would return to restaurants within one month of reopening. A lot of customers are excited to return! So, we are also introducing Open Date Alert, a new marketing tool that automatically alerts your best customers when you’ve picked a reopening date.

We have also created a playbook to help you navigate new diner behavior, operational considerations, launching alternative revenue streams, and accessing metrics that matter in your Dashboard such as cover projections and what successful services look like across various capacity scenarios.

For questions about any of the above announcements, please contact the Restaurant Success team at

We are committed to our partnership with the industry as this crisis continues to unfold. If there are other ways we can be helpful, please let me know.

Thank you,


Ben Leventhal 
Resy | CEO 

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