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Odd Duck

Jason James

Partner and General manager of Odd duck

austin, texas


"Resy has taken the reservation systems of the past and flipped them on their heads. To find a platform that is able to operated at such a high level and still be service-focused has been key.

We have been able to secure more covers, drive demand, and do all this at a fraction of the cost [of what we previously were paying]. We took a risk on Resy and have not looked back." 



Image result for king restaurant logo nyc

annie shi

co-owner of king

new york, new york


“One way that Resy has made an impact is that it has allowed us not to have a dedicated reservationist who simply confirms reservations. The confirmation texts have been very helpful in saving money in that regard.”



Image result for marconi restaurant logo montreal

molly superfine-rivera

owner of marconi

montreal, canada


"Partnering up with Resy was a great decision! Making such a big change in a restaurant can sometimes be daunting, but thanks to the team at Resy, the transition was smooth and efficient.

As a busy restaurant, this program suits our needs impeccably. It's thoroughly designed, reliable, and user friendly for both the restaurant as well as our guests. We couldn't be more satisfied!"



TTJ Logo

jess benefield

chef and partner of two ten jack

nashville, tennessee


"Roughly 70% of our seating is communal and we try to keep the vibe very casual and focus primarily on walk-in business.

Switching to Resy allowed us open up roughly 40% more reservations to the public because we are confident the guests expectations are set up correctly; knowing they will be seated at the sushi counter, communal tables, or a private table in the dining room.  We no longer have the worry of a guest being disappointed with their seating options when arriving for their reservation."   



Image result for tetsu restaurant logo nyc

craig olsen


new york, new york


"We opened Tetsu with Resy and it was a smooth and quick process.  The software is intuitive and as most of us hadn't used Resy before, it was easy for all of us to learn.

We've been on Resy for about 2 years now, and have been very pleased with it.  The new Fly software is even better than what we started with because it's more hands on for us to make day to day changes on our own.

The biggest reason why we love Resy though is the customer service.  It's nearly 24/7, we always get a quick turnaround from Seamus and his team on whatever we need."  



Image result for cheeky's palm springs

ellis dandee

MANAGER OF cheeky's 

palm springs, california


“Before Resy we used pen and paper to capture a (written) waitlist.  Resy’s waitlist feature has been super useful and has made a positive impact on our hosts, guests and the local community.

Our average wait time is usually at least one hour, and before Resy we’d have an enormous amount of people waiting outside of the restaurant. Our restaurant is in Palm Springs and near a lot of shops. Since Resy now texts our guests to update estimated wait times, our guests have more freedom to walk around, shop or grab a drink which also benefits the surrounding local business community.  

Our hosts have also found benefit and it’s taken a lot of stress out of for them given that we usually always have long waits.  In fact one recently told me how helpful it’s been to have a lot less people breathing down his neck."





General manager OF the royal oak marleybone 

london, england


"It's great that Resy doesn't publish the written reviews, because it means the comments are much more constructive. They're usually much more specific in feedback, usually to do with dishes. We use the ratings every week in management meetings."



ESTELA l New York Restaurant

Gráinne Moffett

office manager of matter house

new york, new york


“I’ve found the portal to be really easy to use and intuitive and it’s really helpful, especially since we’ve had a lot of single day special events.  With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s super easy to go in and get set up and not overly laborious. It’s really intuitive!”



Image result for tallula restaurant logo la ca

mary thompson

general manager OF tallula's

los angeles, california


"Resy is a key part of our success.  The cost is competitive and the functionality is exactly what we need.  

New team members easily navigate the software, while seasoned staff find it easy to jump in and give a hand booking or seating parties.  We recently started using the ticketing function and this has led to a dramatic drop in potential lost revenue for our special events.”



Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 4.28.27 PM

orit moreiras

host at gocciolina

durham, north carolina


"I love Resy because it does the work for me! As a host, I no longer need to calculate table turns manually. Resy Fly works with our inventory to max our actual capacity. Resy provides quick support when needed.

I also like all of its awesome features! With Resy communication with guests is much easier, I can add notes/tags on guests profile. With 'notify me' I can easily add new guests when others canceled. I also get a full analysis of how we did compare to other times..and much more! Overall, Resy Fly rocks!"



grey ghost detroit logo

David Vermiglio

CFO & Proprietor of grey ghost detroit

detroit, michigan


"The phone app makes setting reservations from anywhere a breeze and the global guest book has helped us bring a personal touch to first time diners while ensuring we thank our returning guests.  This feature was something that we previously did not have and frankly don't know how we lived without.

We have been truly ecstatic with how the transition has gone and couldn't be more excited to be partnered with Resy into the future!"




Mary Thompson


Los Angeles, california


Resy is a key part of our success.  The cost is competitive and the functionality is exactly what we need. New team members easily navigate the software, while seasoned staff find it easy to jump in and give a hand booking or seating parties.  We recently started using the ticketing function and this has led to a dramatic drop in potential lost revenue for our special events.





brooks reitz

OWNER OF melfi's

charleston, south carolina


"I really like the design. It's user friendly, very similar to the simplicity and quality of Apple products.  I like how it distills operational functions to its essence, just like how we think about dishes - we remove any unnecessary elements that take away from the essence of that dish.  

Resy does the same thing with its product design and is easy to use. The workforce that we employ are primarily millennial digital natives.  They’ve grown up on screens and Resy’s simple design is something that new hosts and maître d's working the door can easily pick up.  

I love the collection of restaurants that Resy has curated, a number of really iconic, cutting edge, leading restaurants in America.  When I see that the leading operators in this country are using Resy, it gives me further confidence."



Image result for pizza loves emily logo nyc

Emily Hyland

Co-owner, pizza loves emily

new york, new york


"At Pizza Loves Emily, we love using Resy - not only is the interface easy to use, but the support on the backend is helpful. The people behind Resy listen to the needs of us on the ground and are receptive to updates that we need.

As a waitlist-heavy restaurant, the waitlist feature is amazing - responsive, quick, and guest-interactive. I highly recommend Resy to other restaurant operators." 



 The ordinary

adam nemirow

partner and co-owner of the ordinary

Charleston, South carolina


"I am continually impressed with the Resy platform and their customer service.  They have been very responsive to our needs, and very communicative about any upcoming changes that they are implementing."



Image result for Ellē

alaina dyne

Opening General manager at Ellē

Washington, District of Columbia


"Though I’ve since moved on from my leadership role at Ellē, I really enjoyed working with you all at Resy.

On the service side, you guys truly understand what we do, which really allows us to provide that positive first impression to the guest. Thanks for having a hand in shaping that experience."



Image result for Elena Montreal restaurant logo montreal

ryan gray

owner, elena montreal

montreal, canada


"Making the switch to Resy was a no-brainer. Resy is easily the best, most intuitive reservation system I've ever worked with. It's user friendly system has enabled us to maximize our reservation taking capabilities while cutting down on costs.

Their awesome customer support helped make our transition seamless. I really feel we finally have a system that reflects the needs of our modern busy restaurants."



purveyor huntsville logo

stephanie kennedy-mell & matt mell

owners of purveyor huntsville

huntsville, alabama


"Our transition from OpenTable to Resy Classic and then Resy Fly has helped significantly reduce workload on staff managing reservations.  This has lead to essentially eliminating overbooking and ensuring our tables stay occupied with well-defined intervals to maintain our high standard of service for our customers.

We have been very happy with the value and experience Resy has provided our establishment and look to using their reservation and table management software in our upcoming endeavors."



Image result for montclair social club logo nj

john mutovic

managing partner of montclair social club 

montclair, new jersey



"Besides our cuisine, Montclair Social Club is known for our ambiance and lively events.  We’re frequently hosting concerts, holiday meals and other special events which requires a lot of administrative behind the scenes.  

I’m pleased with the new Resy Fly update because the Dashboard lets us make single day edits and other adjustments shift by shift. It’s much easier to manage our operations as a result and it’s certainly freed up a lot of my team’s time."



Image result for el moro spirits and tavern restaurant logo

dave woodruff

general manager of el moro spirits & tavern

durango, colorado


"Being in the restaurant industry where margins are razor thin, we are constantly looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality, culture and hospitality.

Resy was an easy solution to save money while providing a great software reservation system in comparison to other platforms.  The transition was relatively seamless and we were able to start off with a new system without sacrificing time and energy into something new. I would recommend Resy for both start up restaurants as well as established ones as it is a great fit into either system."



Image result for crown jewel logo Great Diamond Island, ME

Alexandra wight

owner OF crown jewel

Great Diamond Island, Maine


"In an industry that never seems to slow, delegation is key. Resy frees up my time by providing a platform that is intuitive, streamlined and thoughtfully developed by a team of individuals that understand the restaurant world inside and out. Extra time is invaluable, so I've never thought twice about my Resy investment. My business depends on it!"



Image result for Fenicci's of Hershey logo

Phil Guarno

owner of Fenicci's of Hershey

hershey, pennsylvania


"Not only is the Resy system amazing and intuitive but I have taken some of the money saved over not using OpenTable to take a couple of vacations as well as hiring a monthly crew to deep clean the kitchen. 

You can tell Resy is a system designed by Restaurateurs; simple and impressive inventory and guest management, all while being fair in pricing and working for the restaurant, not against it."



Image result for las carboneras de Lu spain logo

carlos romero

manager of las carboneras de lu

Madrid, Spain


"What I like most about Resy is the possibility of making reservations online and multi-devices; saves a lot of time on the phone. With Resy we have been able to centralize reservations and interactions with customers in one place (telephone, web, app). I love the seriousness and excellent service of the team."




DAnny meyer

Ceo of union square hospitality group

 new york, new york


"USHG is continuously on the lookout for technologies that bridge the worlds of high tech and high touch. When we opened the new Union Square Cafe we opted to road test Resy and we’ve loved seeing the overwhelmingly positive reaction from our staff members and guests alike."


Image result for granger and co restaurant logo london england

ivan González

general manager of granger & co. Chelsea

london, england


"Bookings have increased by up to 50%, particularly noticeable in the early part of the week, since moving to Resy."




Adam gill

general manager of bread and circus trattoria

calgary, canada


“We were nervous about switching from our other reservations system, namely due to anticipated dips in covers and that Resy is relatively young in Canada and the first in Calgary to start on this platform.

We did see a slight dip in covers at first, but we planned for it.  We just focused on giving great hospitality to our guests and it was totally fine.  

Given that we were previously spending about $1,000 per month in cover fees, Resy paid for itself almost immediately and that more than offset the dip in covers for the first few months on Resy.

Being a small restaurant, last minute cancellations really kill us! I love how Resy helps us minimize cancellations with text message reservation confirmations and by automatically opening up cancellations to the next spot.

In the past, someone on my team would call every reservation to confirm and manually try to fill cancellations but Resy takes care of it all with no work from my team. We’ve seen about a 10-15% increase in covers since switching to Resy."   



Image result for papa shogun restaurant logo

Thomas cuomo

owner of papa shogun

raleigh, north carolina


"Simply put, Resy has been a game changer for us.  Whether it is the ability to maintain a streamlined database of our guests or the ease of use for our staff, Resy has helped us maintain a more personal and constant connection with those that visit the restaurant at a much lower cost than others. The ability to personalize automated messages to guests as well as track specific details about them both for an individual visit and permanently has made our lives easier and less cluttered."



Image result for husk nashville hi res restaurant logo

Kenny Lyons

Director of Hospitality and Performance at Husk 

nashville, tennessee


"Resy offers a service that makes the reservation process more intuitive, user-friendly and hospitable for both the restaurant and the guest.  I think it’s the way of the future for reservation software based on the client services and cost savings they provide. It’s nice to have a company that works with you, listens to your problems and works on solutions in a timely manner.  That’s what I’m most excited about.

 I love the ease that you get with the iOS platform.  It’s very easy to navigate and has a lot of bells and whistles which will aid our restaurants with expediting the reservation process.  The SMS feature is huge for us and will offer us the opportunity to focus more attention on the guests in our building and less time on the phone."



 Image result for bartmann group logo

bre waters

vice president of operations at bartmann group

minneapolis, minnesota


“I love the fact that Resy brings our guests directly to our website when making their reservation! It gives them a chance to connect with us and our mission before they arrive!”



Image result for copa durham logo

elizabeth turnbull

owner and bar director of copa

durham, north carolina


"Resy has played a crucial role in allowing us to provide remarkable service to our guests …

Our purpose at COPA is "cultivating relationships from soil to table," and the relationship we have with you is one we truly value."




Rustic Canyon Wine Bar and Seasonal Kitchen


Donan whelan

general manager of rustic canyon

Santa Monica, CAlifornia


"Rustic Canyon switched to Resy a couple of years ago and have been very pleased. Resy made sure to designate more than enough time, attention, and patience at launch to make sure we were ready to go.

Their customer service is quick, efficient, and easy to work with, and their programming team is always available to help in a pinch."



City House Nashville

Erica gluck

former general manager OF city house nashville

nashville, tennessee


"What we love the most about Resy is how it has brought customer service to a whole new level.  We can keep running logs of patron likes and dislikes, table preferences, allergies, birthdays, etc.

We can send text messages easily -- whether it be to confirm a reservation, alter a time, alert someone on a waitlist.  When a reservation is cancelled, we can automatically notify guests on a waitlist, ensuring we rarely have an empty table on a busy night. The line of communication it has opened is invaluable."



Related image

ellis dandee

former assistant manager of birba

palm springs, california


“I introduced Resy to Birba ownership, it was a cool, hip new thing that LA restaurants were using and we like to be on the forefront of new technology.  

It was easy to make the transition to Resy.  We didn’t see a drop in covers, and intentionally introduced Resy during our slow season as we are in a seasonal area (Palm Springs).   It was easy on the backend to set up reservation times and how many people can come in at once.

We’ve seen a lot of efficiencies with Resy.  Resy helped to optimize our dining room at Birba.  Now we can watch it live during service, and it’s been extremely helpful to the host stand and to reservationists that we can change the timing of online inventory without going into the dashboard.  I like that Resy actively tries to be better.



Image result for santa gula logo barcelona

Aleix Tafunell

manager of santa gula

barcelona, spain


"Resy has helped us to have more control of the flows in the restaurant. Now we can plan shifts much better and we have increased the rotation of tables thanks to the settings made. The tool is very intuitive and easy to use, so the whole team has adapted very easily.

And the best; our customers have also won, since they can book 24/7 from any device or platform."