ResyOS Waitlist is engineered to capture demand in real time and retain as many parties as possible.

ResyOS Waitlist
ResyOS Waitlist

Set it, forget it

Configure Waitlist in minutes and let the automated texts do the work to keep guests in the loop.
ResyOS testimonial

At Pizza Loves Emily, we love using Resy — not only is the interface easy to use, but the support on the backend is helpful. The people behind Resy listen to the needs of us on the ground and are receptive to updates that we need.

As a waitlist-heavy restaurant, the waitlist feature is amazing - responsive, quick, and guest-interactive. I highly recommend Resy to other restaurant operators

Emily Hyland, Owner
Pizza Loves Emily — NYC
ResyOS Waitlist

Add to Waitlist

Guests provide their phone number to be added to the waitlist and receive status updates via text.

Wait Time Updates

If the wait time changes, ResyOS automatically texts the guest to manage expectations.

Table Ready

Guests receive a text to return to the restaurant in a timely fashion, ensuring service remains on-pace.

Guest Confirmation

Guests text to confirm that they are either returning to claim their table or are no longer interested.

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ResyOS testimonial

Rustic Canyon switched to Resy a couple of years ago and have been very pleased. Resy made sure to designate more than enough time, attention, and patience at launch to make sure we were ready to go.

Their customer service is quick, efficient, and easy to work with, and their programming team is always available to help in a pinch

Donan Whelan, General Manager
Rustic Canyon — Los Angeles, CA

Streamline Operations

Guest experience

Let's face it, no one likes to wait in line. Optimize the guest experience by digitizing your waitlist and untethering guests from the host stand.

2-way Communication

The key to a healthy relationship is great communication. Text guests in real-time to handle any issues that may arise outside of the normal automated flows.

Stay On-Brand

Use the standard notifications out of the box or customize the automated messages to match your brand identity.

Track Everything

Texts are stored directly in the guest profile and are easily surfaceable by staff so that nothing slips through the cracks.



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